Watch The Allure of QAnon for a U.S. Immigrant | The New Yorker Documentary

[film reel whirring]

[speaking in foreign language]

[elevator screeching]

[keys rattling]

[metallic scraping]

[machine whirs]

[loud crunching]

[metallic scraping]

Two capsules, the blue tablet and the purple tablet.

You are taking the blue tablet,

your boring humdrum existence

inside the attractive jail continues.

You keep it up watching information night time.

you are taking the purple tablet,

the reality of actuality is revealed.

Right here we go.

Let’s purple tablet.

Q has constructed up a following of loyal Individuals

who together with Donald Trump,

combat the dangerous folks.

The QAnon motion has picked

up tens of hundreds of followers.

[fast-paced rock music]

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