Watch An Emoji Activist Envisions a World Beyond Words | Daily Shouts

[phone typing]

My identify is Henry and I am an emoji activist.

4 years in the past, I ended studying and writing totally.

Henry believes that humanity is trapped

in what students have referred to as the tyranny of that means

and that emoji primarily based language may be a way

for us to flee these shackles.

Phrases not is smart. Emojis can do all of it.

[message sends]

Certainly one of my major objectives proper now

is to close down all literacy facilities.

That is her, that is her.

Go away me alone. Disgrace on you. Disgrace on you.

He’ll attain out to my college students

pretending to be a free personal tutor

after which attempt to sabotage the whole lot that we’ve labored on.

I like international locations which have low literacy charges.

Afghanistan has 28%. I imply, what a dream.

[Angela] Go away me alone. Disgrace on you, disgrace on you.

Books with phrases have turn out to be completely ineffective.

I’ve taken it upon myself to translate

the good works of the previous into emoji.

With my emoji-rations,

you possibly can learn the classics in only a few seconds

and it hits simply as laborious.

Bomb. Dove.

Battle and Peace.

Kevin informed me you took him out of faculty as we speak, once more.

Yeah, I needed to. Henry.

I had no alternative. They’re poisoning him there.

When Henry first turned an emoji fanatic,

I wasn’t thrilled.

What are you doing with a e-book? No extra books.

Emojis, okay.

Perhaps at some point the world will all be emojis

however proper now our son is falling behind.

No, no, no, it is the world that is falling behind,

the world. I can not do that anymore,

Henry, I can not do that anymore.

No, no, cease it, Henry, No.

I’ll admit as troublesome as this challenge has been for us,

the coy monkey emoji has saved our marriage many instances.


[receives message]

[message sends]

[receives message]

[message sends]

Phrases, they fall brief

however the monkey emoji expresses who I’m and the way I really feel.

[Gabriel] You see that is the hazard of emojis proper there.

They appear cute and enjoyable on the floor

however they insidiously modify our conduct over time

till you end up all of a sudden simply turning right into a monster

like Henry.

[tense music]