Keep2share premium pro review July 2022

The functionality of file-sharing services is not their sole defining attribute. The number of work files that I’ve encountered has become almost impossible to manage, yet Keep2Share is the only file sharing service that can manage this problem. But it still lags behind its competition. For a business of such scale, I’m astonished that their service doesn’t have a site as good as this. While we wouldn’t reject a service simply because of poor website design, we were nevertheless very concerned by it.


Though K2S is not explicit on their services, they give three account tiers with unique offers. The difference between the free, premium, and enterprise storage options is in the size of the available space and the amount of bandwidth the account has.

JDownloader, Internet Download Manager, Download Accelerator Plus, and more possibilities are accessible. It is recommended that you utilize a download accelerator, since they let you resume downloads that halt before they are finished. Last, you may download several files simultaneously.

K2S offers a virus scanner to ensure the cleanliness of its files. Even if you’re utilizing a secure connection to transmit your files, you’re not encrypting your data, and your files aren’t password-protected. There is a way to make the material private, but it is already publicly accessible by default.

characteristics and ways to utilize

K2S offers several ways to upload your files. Alternatively, if you click on the file management and choose “Upload,” you may pick files and upload them, or you can drag and drop them into the file manager. After you’ve confirmed your agreement to K2S’ terms of use by checking the checkbox, click the Start button to initiate the transfer. Files begin transferring the minute you drop them once you’ve used the drag-and-drop technique to upload them.

Despite the service’s ability to upload several files at once, it does not enable you to upload folders. You just drop the folder into the service, and it takes all of the files from that folder and puts them in the root folder of your K2S account. Afterwards, you’ll have to open an account folder and copy your data over by hand.

You know how things go by now. Unless you add a secret descriptor to the files you upload, everything you put up on your account is public and accessible to everyone. After the file is in your account, click on it to see the download link. The file manager includes the ability to modify file permissions. To prevent it from being copied, we shall make the file private.

In addition, a premium option has been added that makes the file only accessible to those with a premium subscription on the site. Anybody who knows your shared file’s URL may access any of your public downloads without your permission unless you’ve explicitly allowed it.

It’s possible to organize files according to their size, file type, the number of times they’ve been downloaded, and other characteristics. Searching the internet is a good option for locating files by name, keyword, or regular expression.

You can’t download shared files on the site unless you are paying for a subscription. If you want to earn money as the other applications do, you must download programs from an ad-supported website. If you do not have an account, you will have to wait thirty seconds until the download option becomes available in the K2S protocol.

Pricing Schemes

The awards are divided into Gold, Silver, and Bronze levels. The free account has characteristics in common with those of the other services. At this point, we don’t know how much storage space this tier offers, but it’s safe to assume that files cannot exceed 1 GB in size. Account holders get access to their dashboard where they may monitor their use of 10 GB of bandwidth.

The sole restriction in this regard is downloading content. The members’ upload rate is 50 kb/s, which is ridiculous, given that the members can get download speeds of 4 mb/s on commercial plans. They cannot perform even basic things like uploading in the background or retrieving data they have downloaded after they have been interrupted.

This service limits its features unless you pay for one of the two premium subscriptions.


A year of service costs $9.50, but you can get three months of service for $13.98 and one month of service for $16.95. The Premium subscription includes an ad-free download option and 50 GB of storage.

There is a better choice, Premium Pro, which is $21.95/month, $17.32/month for three months, or $11.75/year, and it offers greater capacity and capabilities. These advantages allow you to utilize 60 GB of space to store information, as well as an extra 50 GB of information that does not include any advertising each day. Additionally, your Premium membership includes virus protection and anonymous downloading.

the war

We are disappointed with the lack of good apps on K2S. There are no apps or software for your computer, smartphone, or browser. We need file sync to guarantee we have a secure file sharing solution. Files cannot be synced between devices — which is a feature that the likes of pCloud and Mega give away for free in their base plans.

In comparison, Mega has advanced encryption service. And in fact, K2S provides just a few file previews, which aren’t better than what MediaFire does. A download button was shown for the videos we wished to view; otherwise, we had to stare at a still image. You will see previews just for videos on it.

On the absence of bandwidth concerns, it’s far more satisfying to have quick access to things in completely free file sharing sites like ZippyShare.

Ultimate Verdict

File sharing service users can anticipate K2S to meet their storage and transfer bandwidth needs, however the service doesn’t offer extra functions as expected. Another major drawback is the lack of smartphone apps and the inability to transfer data.

Pass papers to a number of people using this tool. Teachers may use it to send out class assignments and other materials.


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How to Create a new copy of your Mac on January 2022

Before installing macOS updates or upgrades, a mirror (or clone) of your Mac’s content is a wise thing to create, even if Time Machine backups are being made. Carbon Copy Cloner 6 (£29.90, is a hard drive cloning utility, offering regular backups or a clone of the system as a whole. Both Time Machine and Carbon Copy Cloner 6 may be used together, since the latter has older versions for Mojave and other OS’s.

Big Sur and Catalina alter the method that cloning a source object and then repairing the clone is done. It’s preferable to install macOS and then migrate from a copy than it is to just clone the data to your internal storage. This method is the only way to migrate from a hard drive to an M1 Mac. Using CCC, you won’t need to clone the System disk, since that would save space, but it is still possible to do so if you want to.

CCC offers almost a dozen choices. We’ve also prepared a few handy tips, including omitting files which may be transferred in bulk, and taking snapshots to make data recovery faster. Make sure your clone works by restoring test items even if you choose different values.

The proper method to clone your Mac

Set the source volume at a decent level

For example, you may name the backup you created with Carbon Copy Cloner, so it appears on the sidebar when you need it later. To clone your starting drive, click on the Source icon and then choose Macintosh HD as your source.

Choose a location

Consider how much space was used on your source, and be sure that the destination volume has the necessary space available for it. After that, choose the disk with enough free space to hold the clone using the Destination icon.

whether to cycle

Click Automation to choose an automatic cloning schedule. Daily backups are the standard, however with a seldom connected Mac, the disk may be unmounted without creating a clone.

scheduling information such as schedule length

When you have a Mac, it’s smart to turn it off when you aren’t using it and to keep twit from running overnight. If it is going to be down for the count, it is either best to do the backup job which would wake the system, or delay it until a better time. You have the option of not working on weekends.

There are five prohibited things.

When creating a clone, you may choose what you don’t want included in the task plan. In the main window, find the task plan button at the bottom and click it. It may be a good idea to maintain distinct copies of files like virtual machines, which change often while they are being used.

Choose Advanced settings

For the more skilled, CCC provides many solutions, including executing scripts before and after copying. When you are using your Mac, you may alter the priority of your copying jobs here if you want them to back up while they are occurring.

7 Go through a dry run before proceeding.

Do a comparison first, since a clone may fail to create the proper copies. When you need to estimate the final size of your PDF file before sending it to a printer, you may click on the Preview button and CCC will estimate the file size without sending the file. Find and correct the mistakes right away.

To start the attack, define 8 different source snapshots.

Think about having frequent backups. In the sidebar, choose Macintosh HD – Data or simply Data. That’s the name of the starting data volume. CCC will do a snapshot with each copy of that volume. Please enable CCC.

snapshot history

Old snapshots tend to eat up disk space, which is why most people are glad to hear that CCC’s default retention policy is sensible and perfect. If you want to customize the policy, be sure to check the amount of space that’s utilized.

Clone that hard drive

After you’ve finished the setup, just double-click the project’s task in the sidebar and choose the Run Now option to generate your first clone. The next slides show the clone’s progress in graphical form with a realistic estimate of the time needed to complete.

Task activities in check -> Conduct an audit.

Select the completed job in the Work History and look at the Task Trends button to get a summary of what was done in the completed task. Click the Start button in the main window if the task has to happen again.

A 12 system clone

If you want CCC to clone your whole system drive in addition to your System volume, use the Legacy Bootable Backup Assistant to create a complete bootable backup before proceeding to step 7.

It will need

a quarter hour

you will learn

to back up your files

You will have to

external storage with enough free space for Carbon Copy Cloner 6 and macOS 10.15 or later

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